Longrich International Compensation Plan



Longrich International Compensation Plan

Longrich offers a very profitable plan for members.

Longrich Worldwide Compensation Plan – 4 Bonuses, 3 Incentives
(All bonuses are paid in US Dollar & converted to local currency by fixed conversion rate.)

1.  Bonus # 1: Performance Bonus

2.  Bonus # 2: Development Bonus

3.  Bonus # 3: Leadership Bonus

4.  Bonus # 4: Repeat Order Bonus

5.  Incentive # 1: Worldwide Incentive – 2.5% (Travel 1%, Car 1%, House 1%)

6.  Incentive # 2: Platinum VIP Incentive – Sharing of 1% of Worldwide PV.

7.  Incentive # 3: Star Director Worldwide Incentive.

There are 2 types of Network Trees:
1.  Placement Tree – Up to 3 legs, using the matrix concept.
2.  Sponsor Tree – Unlimited legs, using Unilevel Concept.

Bonus 1: Performance Bonus (8%~12% weekly, based on Entry Levels)
•Based on placement tree.        
•No maintenance.
•Bonus calculation by groups.
•Unlimited levels
•Bonus by percentage of Entry Levels and limited accordingly.
•Bonus paid if there are PV’s in 2 or 3 groups. Paid for the week on groups with smaller PV. The group with highest PV brought forward to next week.

Bonus 2: Development Bonus (10% weekly)
•Based on placement tree.        

•No maintenance.
•Bonus calculation by groups and levels.
•Unlimited levels, unlimited payout.
•Bonus payment for the week:  For every level, take the account with highest PV in each of 3 groups to be qualified accounts. So there are up to 3 qualified accounts for each level. Bonus paid if there are 2 or 3 qualified account. Bonus paid on the qualified accounts of smaller PV.
For each level, [(PV of qualified account 1)/240 + (PV of qualified account 2)/240)] x 24 = Dev. Bonus (USD)

Bonus 3: Leadership Bonus (10%~45% weekly)
•Based on sponsor tree and ranking.        
•Ranking is by Placement Tree and all sales types.
•No maintenance.
•Bonus calculation by levels and Performance Bonus of members.
•Limited levels by ranking up to 12 generations and unlimited pay out by width.
•Bonus payment for the week: You are entitle to receive percentage of Performance Bonus of your downlines under your sponsor tree.

Bonus 4:  Maintenance and Repeat Order Bonus (per Cycle)
Bonus 4A: Repeat Order Bonus – Maintenance Bonus( 4.5% per cycle)
•Based on placement tree.
•Need monthly maintenance 30 PV.
•Bonus per cycle: 4.5% on 30 PV maintained by your network accounts within 15 levels.

Bonus 4B: Repeat Order Bonus – Breakaway Bonus (21%~45% per cycle or month)

•Based on sponsor tree.
•Need 30 PV maintenance per cycle or month.
•Bonus per cycle: You are entitle a percentage on the excess PV from your downlines including your own account, after deduct monthly maintenance of 30 PV (total PV of the cycle or month – 30 PV).

Repeat Order PV
Excess of 30PV
1 ~ 99
100 ~ 199
200 ~ 399
400 ~ 799
800 ~ 1599
1600 ~ 3499
3500 & above


Bonus 4C: Repeat Order Bonus – SD Development Bonus or Horizontal SD Bonus (10% per cycle or month)
Based on sponsor tree.
•Need 30 PV maintenance per cycle or month.
•You must be an SD (Super Distributor). You are qualify as an SD (45%), if:
the excess PV of Personal Group Sales reach 3500 PV within a cycle, or
you  have SD in one of your group, and excess PV of other groups have reached 1750PV, or you have one SD in each of two groups.
•Bonus requirement: There must  be 1 SD in your sponsor network.
•Bonus per cycle: You are untitled 10% of excess PV of your SD downline on level nearest to you of each group.

Bonus 4D: Repeat Order Bonus – SD Leadership Bonus or Vertical SD Bonus (10% per cycle or month)
•Based on sponsor tree.

•Need 30 PV maintenance per cycle.
•You must be an SD (Super Distributor).
•Bonus Requirement: Develop 3 or more vertical SD.

No. of
Verticle SD
3 SD
5 SD
7 SD
9 SD